Thursday, March 30, 2006

Some Flowers for Spring!

Well, I think spring has really arrived now. The trees are budding, the flowers are poking through the ground, the grass is growing - and allergies are kicking in!

I love the springtime. I love the longer days and the opportunities to get outdoors more. I've started taking lunchtime walks in the park next door to my workplace and I'm making plans for hiking/biking outings that I can do over the next few weekends.

Which reminds me - I've got to get my bike into the shop to get it tuned up. I love the lifetime service agreement. I get the bike tuned up free of charge every year and as many times in between as I need it. Need a tire changed? Buy a tire at one end of the store, take it to the service department, and ride away a few minutes later without paying any labor/service fees!

Anyway, since I don't have any new springtime photos to share right now (I'll have to do something about that!), I'll share some oldies. I hope you like them.


Barbara said...

I'm just so glad the warm weather is here. It's supposed to get up to 20 degrees Celcius today. I think it's time to get my bike out as well. Cameron's has been out for a couple of weeks now ... as soon as the weather isn't freezing he spends every minute outdoors. I think I could learn something from him!

Beautiful pictures, Evie. Have you been taking photography courses, or just experimenting?

Evie Sears said...


I've just been experimenting a lot with the camera. The beauty of digital photography is how quickly one can learn - the camera literally gives instant feedback.

I've also read a couple of dozen photography books in the past year or two and I'm addicted to the discussion forums at Steve's Digicams (great website). The forums are cool - people post pictures, give and take advice - it's a nice little online community.

I've been thinking about taking a course or two at a local community college. I'll see how my schedule works out next fall.