Thursday, April 06, 2006

What Evie Needs: Some Results from the Google Game

Okay, today’s post is totally off-the-wall, based on a weird game people are playing on Google. You do a search on Google with your name plus needs. Then you check out the results. I found out about it from my sister-in-law’s blog (follow the link that says Barb). Here are some of my results:

· Evie needs – a hero (well, I like Luke Skywalker and Indiana Jones – do they count?)
· Evie needs – a husband (thanks, but I’ve already got one and he’s a handful!)
· Evie needs – a home (did we forget to pay the rent this month?)
· Evie needs – protection (is someone after me?)
· Evie needs – an escort (thanks, but I don’t think my husband would approve.)
· Evie needs – everyone to send their mileage for 2004 (AAUUUGGGHHH!)
· Evie needs – a leather spiked choker and combat boots (Let's not go there! YIKES!!)
· Evie needs – oxygen (is the choker too tight?)
· Evie needs – a skilled gunslinger to escort her to Texas (why am I going to Texas?)
· Evie needs – to get into a fight (with whom? Dave? The kids? The gunslinger?)
· Evie needs – money (finally – something we can agree on!!)
· Evie needs – prayer

I think we all agree with the last one. I'll tell you what: you pray for me and I'll pray for you.


Barbara said...

Too funny ... especially the leather and choker. Something you're not telling us Evie?

Catharine said...

Putting things together...

Are you wearing a spiked choker or is the escort?

I'm getting an interesting picture in my head - Evie wearing leather boots being escorted by a gunslinger wearing a spiked choker!