Saturday, May 27, 2006

Chicago/Washington DC Memorial Day Weekend

As most of you (even the Canadians) know, this is Memorial Day weekend in the USA, the kickoff for summer. The Canadians got a head start on summer because they had their kickoff last weekend with Victoria Day.

The Virginia branch of the Sears family will only be together for part of the weekend. Dave and Joshua are in Chicago with Joshua's school band. I took them to the airport at 6 AM on Thursday morning and will pick them up on Sunday evening at 9 PM. Meanwhile, Jonathan and I are watching the homestead.

Dave, Joshua and the rest of their group went to Andy's Jazz Club on Thursday night. Jonathan was the first member of our family to visit Andy's. He went there about 7 years ago with his high school jazz band from Iowa City. I went there 5 years ago when I was in Chicago for a conference. Now the whole family has been there.

The school group went to Wrigley Field to see the Cubs yesterday afternoon and then they went to the zoo. Today they played a concert and hung out at Six Flags park. Tomorrow they will play at the Navy Pier, then they will fly home in the evening. All reports thus far are that everyone is having a good time. Those of us who remained behind are happy for them, but we will also be glad to have them safely home tomorrow.


Barbara said...

sounds like everyone is having a glorious weekend. Enjoy it.

Catharine said...

Don't you just love the first long weekend to kick off summer. After feeling penned up all winter it is so nice to get out. It's even better when you can go away. Chicago would be a wonderful way to spend the weekend.

As for me... it was rainy and cold so in between the raindrops I tried to get some gardening done. Most of my time was spent watching the drips!

Christian Camuti said...

I have a nice sunburn from this "start of summer!"

Evie Sears said...

Sorry about the sunburn.