Sunday, May 21, 2006

Suburban Wildlife

As I left work a few days ago, I found this handsome fellow hanging out by my car. He was nice enough to pose for some pictures.

I'll tell you what else I like about him: he doesn't make nearly as much of a mess on my car as the birds do! Those guys are the original hit-and-run artists. I never see them, but I certainly see the evidence they leave behind.

Speaking of birds and their dirty deeds: as we were riding in my car the other night, someone gave Joshua a little gift right on the leg! Maybe I'll start wearing a hat whenever I have the roof down. :-)


Christian Camuti said...

A bird left me a nasty gift on my passenger side window in our minivan. I am afraid to roll the window down because I don't want it to get on the window seal and smear for the next few months.

Our dog has just recently began to watch wildlife. She is nearly 2 years old and only in the last week has she realized she is a bird dog. She stays out in the back yard for hours following the birds from tree to tree. When she hears a chirp, she whips her head around to find the bird.

Joanne said...

My most embarrasing moment when I was a teenager was when I was working at Camp. I walked under the electricity line where a large flock of birds was resting. When I got into the kitchen, everyone laughed at me. I had been Christened many times over by those birds, to the point that I had to have an extra long shower and we all determined my uniform needed to be tossed. YUK! I am now very wary of passing under a line of birds.