Monday, June 12, 2006

Weekend in Pennsylvania

This past weekend we traveled to Pennsylvania to spend some time with Mom and Paul.

Upon arriving mid-morning Saturday, we had a chance to visit with Dennis, Erma and Tracy before they continued on to New Jersey for Commissioning weekend. Following a light lunch, Mom took Dave, the boys and me to Intercouse, PA to do some shopping. The plaza was a quaint little tourist trap that sells purportedly authentic Amish goods at exorbitant prices. Nevertheless, Dave and I managed to find a couple of items that we liked. That's typical; we always buy something when we visit Mom.

We all spent a quiet evening together on Saturday, then went to the Lancaster Salvation Army corps on Sunday morning. In addition to its rather traditional corps, Lancaster has a thriving minstry to the area's growing Hispanic population. The traditional corps also embraces the men of the New Life addictions rehabilitation program. Traditional and new Salvationists enjoy a wonderful fellowship. The established saints guide the new converts as they begin their spiritual journeys. In turn, the new converts inspire the saints as their lives give evidence that God still transforms people one at a time. Christian fellowship doesn't get much better than that.

Paul, at 81 years old, still helps the corps with its business matters. He was the eastern territorial property secretary for countless years and he finished his career as the eastern territorial business manager. The corps officers would be crazy not to draw on his wisdom and experience. Mom, who turned 78 last week, still attends the Home League. In all, about 15 retired officers attend and support the Lancaster corps. What a wonderful resource for the corps people and the corps officers!

After a nice service, which Joshua enlivened with one of his seizure-fainting spells (the first one in four years - I was hoping he'd outgrown them), we enjoyed a nice lunch at Hoss's steak house. Upon finishing lunch, the Sears family and the Seilers parted ways. As usual, the visit ended far too quickly. I'm already looking forward to our next visit, which is scheduled to occur in early August.


Barbara said...

What a great picture of your Mom and Paul. They look like they are doing really well.

I didn't know that Josh had seizure-fainting spells!?!?!?! Is it a kind of epilepsy?

Evie Sears said...

According to our doctor, Joshua's condition is not epilepsy. It's a nervous system reaction to certain stress factors. He says it's the same thing that happens when people faint at the sight of blood.

In Joshua's case those factors are a combination of fatigue, dehydration and excessive heat. So, if he's overtired and doesn't drink enough fluids, he'll have a short seizure and pass out for a couple of seconds. Or, if he's dehydrated and it's really hot, he'll have the same reaction. This past Sunday morning he probably did not drink enough fluids at breakfast. When we got to the corps it was quite warm and humid. Josh was okay until the final song. He felt dizzy and was about to get a drink of water when he did the seizure thing. It's only happened four times in his life and the last time was four years ago, but it's pretty bizarre when it happens.

Joanne said...

Wow, I can't believe how much you look like your Mom.

Josh's fainting spell almost sounds like the ones Cathy used to have when she was over heated. Ah.... how many times did we have to quickly step up and grab her when we saw her as she began to sway.

Let's hope that this one was an anomoly for Josh and that they are few and very far in between from here on in.

Christian Camuti said...

I wish I was able to be there this weekend. I was at our commissioning events and was stuck at the Star Search Music events. That in of itself isn't bad, but entertaining Jay throughout the day was a bit of a challenge!