Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Rehearsals, Rain & Sundry Items

This is the week Joshua prepares for his trip to Europe. The band is rehearsing daily at a high school about twenty miles from home. Dave and I are taking turns shuttling him back and forth. This morning it took me one hour and forty-five minutes to drop him off at the school, which is at the extreme northern end of the county, and then drive to work, which is close to the southern boundary of the county! I felt like I'd been to New Jersey and back!

Apart from driving around the county, I haven't gotten outdoors much today as we had several rainstorms this afternoon and evening. Just before the first one hit during my afternoon break, I managed to get to the park and snap this photo of a water lily. The thunder was rolling furiously as I scrambled back to my office. I made it with less than five minutes to spare before the heavens opened wide and spilled over.

It had stopped raining by the time I left to get supper. Then it poured the entire time I was at Fuddrucker's. By the time I got back to the ARC, it had stopped raining again. I wandered around our parking lot and found this photo opportunity - a drop of water hanging from a pine needle. Check out the reflections in the water.

Then it poured again throughout Vespers. To be honest, I thought the raindrops on the roof added some cool percussion to the music. Now all is quiet.

Tomorrow we will begin all over again - shuttling, rehearsing, working . . . . We'll have to wait and see whether the rain will revisit us.


Jenn said...

your pictures are always so beautiful. you should put together a book or something.

Barbara said...

Love the reflection in the water droplet. Like Jenn said, maybe a book is in order.