Monday, October 23, 2006

Fall Has Arrived

Fall has arrived in northern Virginia. The air is chilly - a bit lower than seasonal norms, actually - and the leaves are changing colors and falling. Fall is weird in more southerly climates. Different sets of trees change colors at different times, so it's hard to see grand vistas of riotous color. Moreover, the colors in New England and Ontario are incredibly vibrant compared to what we see in these parts. One has to go high up into Blue Ridge Mountains to see colors that compare with those in the north. Nevertheless, determined to get some photographic record of the fall of 2006, I took my camera to the park on my breaks today. The best photos I got, by far, were of the reflections in the water. These are a few of them. As you can see, it was quite windy out and my hands got pretty cold. Still, I think the results were worth the minimal discomfort. Enjoy!


Joanne said...

Ah, but you still get multiple colours! Here in Calgary we get two........yellow and BROWN....Yuk!

Stephen said...

Thanks Evie for such great pics! You are the first family blog I surf into.
Could I use some of these pics for power point backgrounds?
As Joanne said, the fall is not that exciting here in Alberta. However, Joanne failed to mention that there are a thousand hues of yellow and brown - well it dosen't make it any better than the fall colours of Ontario - just drives home all the more the sense of fall deprivation Gayle and I experience. Enjoy your colours!

Evie Sears said...

Joanne - I remember well the fleeting falls in Winnipeg. If you were stuck in the house on the day the colors changed you missed the season. The day after the colors changed, the leaves were on the ground, probably covered in snow.

Stephen - feel free to use the photos in powerpoint, etc. Let me know if you need me to email larger copies to you, as I downsize the blog copies.

Christian Camuti said...

Here in New England the colors are amazing. I believe though we are either just at peak, or slightly beyond now.

I am looking forward to driving to PA tomorrow and seeing the colors as I drive further south.

Barbara said...

Those photos are fantastic!

Our colours are quickly falling to the ground now. It was quite windy the last few days so there aren't a lot of leaves left on the trees. Winter is almost here!

Catharine said...

I love that perspective on fall. If I figure out the image thing I will post some of my fall pictures.

It's the BEST time of year. Thje colours are amazing.