Monday, October 09, 2006

Summer is Almost Over

Summer is almost over in northern Virginia. The weather is getting pleasantly cool and the days are getting shorter. It's getting more difficult to find wildlife outdoors and fall colors are just beginning to appear. Below are some photos I've taken recently.

The first four were taken today with my digital camera. First, a fall rose.

Next, a fall lily.

Next, the mansion that once was occupied by the former owners of the land that now constitutes Green Spring Gardens Park. It is open for tours and tea.

The new gazebo that has been installed in Green Spring's pond area.  I posted two black and white shots of this gazebo a week or two ago.

The following photos were taken with my film camera. I took the two butterfly shots last week. The duck in the middle is from a couple of weeks ago.


Barbara said...

great pics. This time of year really inspires me to get out and take some pictures. The colours are great, and the smells are even better.

Christian Camuti said...

The leaves are changing quickly here in New England. However, living in SE Connecticut it is hard to tell if the buses are leaf peeper buses or Casino buses. I am betting on the latter.