Friday, December 01, 2006

Booking Through Thursday

Booking Through Thursday is a weekly meme about books and reading. These are my answers to this week's questions.

  1. They say that books read as a child make more of an impact on a person than books read at any other time in life. Are there any books that you particularly loved, that shaped the way you think when you were little? I'm not asking if you believed in fairies then but don't any more. I'm asking about patterns of thought, morality--something that made an impact. - - - Yes. See answer to #2.

  2. And, of course, examples, please! - - - When I was about 8 I read Tom Sawyer. I loved the adventures of Tom, Becky and Huck. When I was about 10 I read Robin Hood. I guess he was history's first socialist. Anyway, I admired his idea of redistributing wealth and making sure that everybody had enough and nobody had too much. When I was 12 I read Gone With The Wind. I admired Scarlett O'Hara's spunk (the world's first feminist?) and Melanie Wilkes's quiet strength.

  3. Also, did you read this book/these books more than once? Many times? Even if that's not a usual habit of yours? - - - I read all of these books many times. When I was younger, I read books over and over. Now, I prefer to spend time with new books and get bored re-reading old stuff.

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