Sunday, December 24, 2006

Photo Challenge #3: Christmas Lights

My entries for this challenge are shown below. Can you spot the airplane in #1?

These folks have a rather traditional take on Christmas.

Our Christmas tree.


Christian Camuti said...

I enjoyed reading this. Before I read this, I had planned to go around our city and take some pictures of the harbor and other scenic spots with the lights.

Your post only encouraged me to do this tomorrow night.

Catharine said...

I like the traditional lights. What a beautiful home.

I took a picture of my tree. I hope it turns out. One of the filters I would like to get is the star one to make lights glow in an interesting way - like a star. That would look great with a Christmas tree.

Barbara said...

beautiful photos. I've taken some that are in my camera. I need to take a few more and then I will post them.