Monday, January 01, 2007

Gauley Marathon: 09/18/06

This is a video of our rafting trip down West Virginia's Gauley River. I've isolated footage of our raft from the rest of the DVD and added a better soundtrack.

Dave is in the front on the right-hand side. I was seated behind him in the morning. After lunch, I traded places with the lady in the rear on the left side.



Dave said...

Kudos on all the work to pull out our raft from the main DVD and put this together. I cannot wait to go again next September....the only question is whether to do the Upper Gauley twice in a day or do the whole river again.

Barbara said...

Yes, it's much better to see you guys trown over, rather than some joe we don't know!

Cameron loved watching this with me. He really wants to go with you guys. Too bad he's not older.

Dave said...

Barb, tell him it would be a great thing to put on his list of things to do. He will have to wait until he is 18 to the Gauley (16 in the summer at low flow).

Evie Sears said...

Barb: even if he can't do the Gauley River yet, we could take all of you to the Youghigheny River in western PA - about 4 hours drive from home. It's a picturesque area with some nice rafting opportunities for families.

Erik said...

This is really wow! We have to drive four and a half hours to reach a river like that where one can draft a way less spectacular than you did. On top of that making a video with an added soundtrack and put it on your blog, is an achievement comparable with going down a wild river like that, at least for me! Nearer by for us is the IJsselmeer and Waddenzee (part of the North Sea within the islands North of Holland) where I got sometimes a dry mouth for fear whilst sailing in storm-winds (my sister was also on the boat, praying Ave Maria’s). A pity that I cannot show a video of it, maybe a picture.