Monday, January 15, 2007

Jonathan and National Capital Band

Jonathan just left to go to the weekly rehearsal of The Salvation Army's National Capital band, which is based in Washington, DC. He has no idea that I've just finished raiding the band's web site and downloading photos of him. I'm sure he'll be pleasantly(?) surprised the next time he visits my blog!

I've assembled some photos into the three panoramic images shown below. I've taken the liberty of highlighting where Jonathan is in each one since he is obviously the most important person in the group. If you want to see larger photos, click on each one.

This one has a repeat, but I'll leave it.


Jenn said...

i have an idea - jonathan could start a blog and then he could post whatever photos of you he wanted!

Barbara said...

Looking good, Jonathan. Those uniforms are cool.

Dave said...

Jenn, Jonathan have a blog....not possible. He is not going to touch them with a 10 meter pole.