Saturday, February 17, 2007

Another February Photo

Yeah, I know - the rose on the piano is such a cliche. Well, I hadn't done it yet, so here's mine. I took this one yesterday at work, shortly after my boss gave me a belated Valentine's Day rose. It was belated because we had a snow day on Wednesday (Valentine's Day).

There's a new photo lab in the shopping center near our house, the one where our guests spend all their time when they come to visit us (you know who you are). Anyway, this lab has reasonable prices and better business hours than my old lab. So, that's where I've been taking my films for the past month or so.

The rest of you had better get some photos up fast.

By the way, if you haven't stopped by my photo blog recently, check it out. I post pictures just about every day. And leave comments so I know you've been there.


Erik said...

Evie, don't get angry with me but I couldn't help thinking of a piano-playing rose, after I saw the cat playing. Without that, it reminds to a sad Chopin-piece.

Barbara said...

it may be cliche, but it's a beautiful picture. My challenge photos are still in my head ;)

Erik said...

I meant by "sad Chopin "piece" really what I meant: a sad piece of excellent piano music. That's what I wanted to say. Further: I discovered a blog with breathtakingly beautiful city-photos:
Unfortunately the blog-author excluded comment-possibility, so you cannot give comments.

Evie Sears said...

Erik,Thanks for the link to the photo site. I recognized the Philadelphia skyline immediately.

I figured out what you meant by the "sad Chopin piece." Some of Chopin's melodies are haunting yet beautiful. Unfortunately, I never quite got the knack of playing Chopin well. I always did much better with Brahms.

Catharine said...

Great photo. I think I need another camera or a much better lens. I can't get photos like you can.