Monday, February 05, 2007

Exam Cheaters

I was browsing through some old computer files and came across some funny photos I've seen on the Internet. This one is from a site called


Erik said...

At our school there is also cheating, but one can't blame the students on the picture. They do exam in a room that really invites you to cheat. You MUST be a saint not to cheat in such an environment: close to one another, in rows sitting from where it's almost impossible NOT to look over one another's shoulder, etc. etc. We have this kind of rooms at our school, too, but the school board has forbidden to take exams in them, they are not suited. What we experience more and more is cheating from the Internet: written assignments are taken from the Internet and submitted as own work. I can easily recognise these false documents: they are mostly in too good English, they deal with subjects that they didn't learn about in their curriculum, etc. Then I take a random sentence from it, type it in the Google bar and... gotcha! I catch myself finding myself an easy Sherlock Holmes, but in fact, it's disappointment: I have to write an e-mail to the student and (s)he has to do the work from scratch, loosing a month or so of their study duration.

Barbara said...

wow! so blatant!