Sunday, February 11, 2007

Visit My Photo Blog

Yes, you read the title correctly: I launched a photo blog this weekend. You can check it out here. I've also added a link in the sidebar (Lady Photo Bug).

The idea behind the new blog is that it is a place where I can post photos and brief notes about them on a daily - or nearly daily - basis. Photography will be the sole focus of that blog, just as literature is the sole focus of my book notes blog.

When I started blogging nearly a year ago, I initially had the idea of doing a photo blog. As it turned out, I quickly felt a need to have a place to report family news, humor, thoughts about life in general and whatever comes to mind at a particular time. As the name implies, it's something of a freewheeling, anything-goes sort of place. So, if you want a grab bag of posts that may deal with almost anything under the sun, including occasional photos, check for them here. If you just want to check out book news or photos, check my other blogs.


Stephen said...

Fantastic! I'll be signing in frequently.

Barbara said...

looks good Evie.