Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Myrtle Beach, Here We Come!

Today is the big day. I took Joshua and his luggage, plus my suitcase to the school this morning. I hung around and helped search student luggage for contraband (we didn't find any), ate some coffee cake that another parent brought over for us (thanks, Jen) and then came home to nap for awhile. I have to go back to the school around 1PM to help load the buses. I'll be taking my carry-on stuff at that time too.

These photos are from the Myrtle Beach Resort web site. This is where we will be staying until Sunday morning. As you can see, the resort overlooks the Atlantic Ocean.

This is a photo of the snack bar. Since we are responsible for making all of our own breakfasts and some lunches, we will be shopping for groceries tonight just before we get to the resort. I suspect some of us will check out the snack bar too.

This is a view of the beach. The weather will be pretty warm, so I'm sure people will spend lots of time here. Since it's only April, however, I don't think people will be in the water very much, since it's probably still pretty cool.

Tomorrow we have lots of free time, then we will go to an aquarium in the evening. On Friday, the bands play in a festival all afternoon. On Saturday, we have lots of free time, then we go to Medieval Times for dinner and the awards ceremony. On Sunday morning, we head back home.

Our rooms will have wireless internet access, so I'll try to keep the blog updated during the trip.


Stephen said...

Have a great time! It looks like a wonderful place. I'm looking forward to hearing about your time there.

Erik said...

Stephen, you took the words out of my mouth (Dutch way of saying you wanted to say the same thing). Evie, where do you get all this energy from? Enjoy!

Christian Camuti said...

I have always wanted to get to Myrtle Beach. Someday, we will.

Jenn said...

don't forget about the outlet malls!!! you can buy great books there :)

Evie Sears said...

Jenn - we didn't have time to go to any outlet malls. We got to Broadway on the Beach, though, which was pretty fun.