Sunday, April 29, 2007

Spring Trip Report #2

This report is a little bit late, since we actually got home from Myrtle Beach about an hour ago. I haven't had any opportunities to post in a few days.

We spent all day Friday at the band festival. We got to the school and discovered that several people had forgotten to bring the proper shoes. One girl forgot her tuxedo jacket and two boys forgot their tuxedo pants. Therefore, they had to make arrangements with people who played in other bands to borrow concert clothing. Once they finished playing they could change into their street clothes. I missed the first performance because I stayed on a bus to chaperone one girl and three boys in various states of undress. The girl was just missing a jacket. The boys, however, were wearing tuxedo shirts, ties, vests or cumberbunds, black shoes and socks - and boxer shorts. Another parent took my place on the bus for the second concert. She had to wait with one boy in a tux and boxers. By the time the third band played, there was enough concert attire for the remaining players, so everybody got to listen to the final three bands.

After a day of music-making, we spent the evening at Broadway at the Beach. This is a fairly nice outdoor mall/tourist attraction. Then we went back to the resort for free time - meaning the chaperones were watching the pools, hot tubs, etc. - until curfew and lights out.

Saturday was a free day (for the kids), then we went to Medieval Times for dinner, the band festival award presentations, and a medieval show. The Oakton bands got superior ratings and large trophies, and several of the students got outstanding soloist trophies. All in all, they were pleased with the results.

Today, we returned home. Unfortunately, our departure was delayed about 1/2 hour. One of our chaperones fell and broke her ankle and at least one other bone in her leg. She's at the hospital in Myrtle Beach and will have surgery on Monday. A nurse/chaperones stayed behind to help her check into the hospital and to keep her company. Her husband drove down and is probably with her now. Her daughters came back home on the buses and will stay with friends for a couple of days. The rest of us left the resort at 9:30 AM, stopped for lunch at about 2:00 PM and got back to the school at 6:30 PM. It was a quiet ride home since most of us were trying to catch up on sleep.


Catharine said...

School trips are always so much fun. Kudoos to the parent chaperones - not any easy ask with teenagers.

Stephen said...

Congrats to Josh and his band! Glad to have you safe and sound at home.

Barbara said...

that's too bad about the chaparone falling. What a way to end a trip!

I remember when I went on Matt's Quebec trip with his school. The bus was rowdy all the way there. On the way home, hardly anyone talked because they were all sleeping. Very funny!