Tuesday, May 29, 2007

May Photo Challenge: Family

Okay, I'm going to have cheat a bit here. If you've read my recent posts, you'll realize that my family has been spread out, literally around the world, for much of the past month. So, since I don't have any up-to-date Sears family photos to share, I'll have to share two families with whom I've been hanging around quite a bit this month. I don't think they've found the experience as enjoyable as I have, but that's life. They'll get over it.

On Mother's Day I posted a goose and her brood of young ones. I took this photo later that week. I think an appropriate title for this one is Nap Time. All parents can identify with the mother watching over her brood as they replenish their energy. I think the little guy with the big yawn is a hoot.

I took this one a few days ago. We see here part of the same family. The young ones are learning to swim and moving a bit more independently of their parents. They're also talking back now too. Have they hit adolescence already? This one is entitled Conversation.

Finally, there's a new family in the neighborhood. As best as I can figure, these little ducklings hatched about two weeks after their gosling neighbors did. The title of this one is, Everybody Stay Together.

There you have it: my entries for the May challenge. Now show me what you've got.


Stephen said...

Great pics!

Barbara said...

Love these photos Evie!