Saturday, May 26, 2007

Photo Challenge Reminder

A couple of weeks ago, Jenn suggested (in a comment on one of my posts) that the May photo challenge theme should be "Family." Since we've had Mother's Day and a wedding this month, that challenge shouldn't be too difficult to achieve. So, let's see if we can post some photos within the next week or so that deal with the "Family" theme. Also, if some of you want to link back to photos you've already posted this month (such as Stephen's photos of his visit with Nana), you can count those too. Barb and Cathy, you'll have to get those films developed and scanned soon.


Barbara said...

I think I can come up with something in the next couple of weeks.

Erik said...

Yes, me too! Evie, I feel I must visit you more often, apologies but my boat and family kept me busy. This week I come with the challenge response and will read your poem thoroughly for it's a subject that keeps my mind busy, too.

Stephen said...

I just posted my photo for the May challenge.