Friday, May 18, 2007

The Wizard of Oz

Last night I watched The Wizard of Oz at Oakton High School. It was opening night, the first of four performances that are taking place this weekend. Cast #1 performed last night and will perform again tomorrow night. Cast #2 is performing as I write and will perform again tomorrow afternoon. Joshua assures me that both casts are quite different, so I will be going to see cast #2 tomorrow afternoon. Last night's performance was very well done. The sets are great and the flying witches, monkeys, etc., are good too. Every time someone flew the audience cheered.

One of the casts and the orchestra presented part of the show to the school at several assemblies. Joshua said that today's Toto was not as cooperative as last night's. I laughed and said, "Toto has an understudy?" He answered, "No, but they are using two different dogs. At one of today's performances they couldn't get the basket open and Toto started running away. So they had to chase Toto and catch him again. It was actually pretty funny." Last night I saw the Good Toto. If I'm lucky, maybe I'll see the Evil Toto tomorrow. Whatever happens, it will be fun.

Posted below is a slideshow of some of the better photos I took last night. Judy Garland kindly provided the soundtrack.

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Catharine said...

Amazing costumes and backdrop. I don't remember our costumes etc. being so elaborate when I was in high school.