Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sign Up for Crossmen Newsletters

This morning I received my first email newsletter from the Crossmen. Dave thought this was pretty cool, so he asked me how to do it. Then he suggested that I should share the information with y'all.

So, the first thing you do is go here, then go to the top right corner and register. After you've done that, you can login and get to a profile page. This is where you customize your settings. On that page, you'll see a tab for Special Interests. Click on that tab and sign up for all the emails you'd like to get. You can get a Crossmen newsletter, stories of the day and other stuff. You can skip the Cadets stuff - that's for the "other" corps sponsored by YEA. Remember, Crossmen are the good guys, Cadets are the bad guys. It's like the Yankees and Red Sox - it's psychologically impossible to be a fan of both teams; the cognitive dissonance would drive you insane. Actually, the Cadets have a good corps too, but I'm sure that everyone reading this blog is a Crossmen fan.


Jenn said...

they must get really warm in those outfits in the summer

Barbara said...

Very cool.

Jenn said...

please pass on to josh that we got his invitation to come see him in erie...the day that he was there!