Saturday, July 14, 2007

Anything New With You?

What's new in your life? The biggest new thing in my life is that I got a new boss this week. He actually arrived on my first day of vacation, so we finally connected a few days ago when I returned to work. I spent my first several days back getting used to his way of operating. He's a nice guy, energetic and full of ideas. Things are changing rapidly there.

What else is new? My niece, Krista, had a baby girl about a month ago. Now I'm a grand-aunt three times over. I've seen one picture of the baby, whose name is Campbell. I may actually see her live and in person if she brings her parents to my mother's house for Thanksgiving.

My sister and her family (which includes Krista and hers) plan to travel from Kentucky to Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving. Dave, the boys and I will go up at least for that day and possibly for a couple of days. We'll have to see what our work schedules permit. My brother and his wife would like to come from Maine, but they're not sure what their schedules will be like. They are still settling into their new positions at DHQ. It would be great if we could all get together. The last time my brother, sister, mother and I were all together was eight years ago at Krista's first wedding. It would be perfect if Christian and his family, and Tracy, my other niece on that side of the family can come too. I think the last time the entire extended family was together was at Christian's wedding ten years ago. Unfortunately, my mother was very ill at the time and didn't enjoy the event nearly as much as the rest of us.

Other news? Jonathan is still seeing quite a lot of a certain young lady to whom he has not yet introduced us. They're going out 2-4 times a week now. We've seen her, but he said they were not quite ready to "meet the parents" at that time, so he didn't introduce us. Dave and I could only shake our heads and smile. What a guy!

There's not much news from Joshua. He's in Atlanta today for a major drum corps competition. If the Crossmen place in the top four in this afternoon's competition, they will get to play again tonight in a field that includes the top eight corps in the country. I'd like to see them do it, but it will be tough. After last week's competition in Allentown, Pennsylvania, the Crossmen and three other corps, which ranked 12 - 15, were separated by a total of 1.05 points.

Aside from those few items, life here is pretty much the same as ever. Is there anything new happening in your life?


Jenn said...

we had the same issue with jason and alyson - we actually wondered for a while if she was like the polkaroo or something, or had 3 arms. but she turned out to be alright :)

Christian Camuti said...

With kettles the day before and the day after, I don't think we will can make the trip.

I wish we could!

Christian Camuti said...

bad grammar! ^^^^^^^^^^^^

Thinking faster than I type!