Monday, August 13, 2007

Josh is Home and We're at Orkney Now

Joshua arrived home from Los Angeles last night. Jonathan and I met him at the airport and brought him home. Dave was already at Orkney Springs with the marching band, so he didn't see Joshua until today.

Joshua and I woke up this morning and drove to Orkney. His friends were all excited to see him and vice versa. Immediately after lunch he went to concert band rehearsal. They are on a short break now. Then they will have section rehearsals and full marching rehearsal after supper. He's looked at the drill and music, but tonight will be his first time playing and marching it. The rest of the band has been rehearsing for two weeks, so he has some catching up to do.

Jonathan is home alone this week. His plight is made worse by the fact that Maggie has several days of vacation this week, so she's in the Outer Banks with her parents while Jonathan is home alone eating cold pizza and watching movies. He will miss Family Day at Orkney this Saturday. He and Maggie have to go to Philadelphia for an engagement party for her best friend. By the way, Dave and I finally met Maggie, briefly, this past weekend. She and Jonathan came by the house for some refreshments before going out for the evening. There's no big news yet, but they are definitely an item.

Dave and I are at Orkney with Josh. We and about 18 other parents are chaperones for the week. We brought our camper, which is the only air-conditioned facility in the area! As I write, Dave is editing some photos that will be posted on the band web site. I'm going to sign off now and do some chaperone stuff.


Jenn said...

have fun chaperoning

Joanne said...

Man........that boy must either have lips of steel by now, or lips twice their normal size!

Barbara said...

I'm sure you're going to have lots of visitors this week with the only air conditioning around.

Dave said...

We are too far off the path to have visitors. We are up the hill about a half mile from the marching field.

Catharine said...

Chaperoning teenagers at camp is not my idea of a good time. The couple of times I did it at senior music camp did me in.