Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Happy Birthday, Joshua!

Today is Joshua's 17th birthday! The years have flown by! What happened to that cuddly baby with the big brown eyes and the long eyelashes?

Joshua started his senior year of high school yesterday and will soon be completing his college applications. The 6-year-old who got into his older brother's computer game and changed said brother's favorite baseball team from the Blue Jays to the Green Flies (complete with green uniforms!) is almost a man. The 7-year-old who put a refrigerator magnet on the computer (he won't be doing that again) has learned a few things since then.

Ah, yes! I remember fondly ferrying him across Iowa City with his viola for orchestra rehearsals when he was in fourth grade. Then, when he was in fifth grade, ferrying him across Iowa City with his viola and trumpet (on alternate days) for orchestra and band rehearsals. And ferrying him and his brother across Iowa City for Little League baseball games.

By the time we moved to DC, Jonathan had a driver's license and a car, so he helped with a lot of the ferrying service for his younger brother (Thanks, again, Jonathan!). Now, Joshua has his own driver's license and can ferry himself - when my car is available (no, we are not buying you a car of your own for your birthday - sweet dreams!).

Happy birthday, Joshua. I love you.


Barbara said...

happy birthday Josh. I hope it's a great day and a great year.

Joanne said...

Aw, common, admit it, although he's no longer the cuddly little baby with the big brown eyes, he's now the adorable teenager with the beautiful big brown eyes! Happy birthday Josh!