Friday, October 12, 2007

October 15 = Blog Action Day

Since most of you love the outdoors, you may be interested in participating in Blog Action Day. On October 15, thousands of bloggers from around the world will focus on the environment. They'll be writing about local and global environmental issues, posting photos, videos and music about our home planet and using all sorts of other creative means to help us think about what we can do to protect, preserve and utilize wisely our precious natural resources.

Do you want to join this global endeavor? Go to Blog Action Day and register your blog. Take some time this weekend to think about your post. And share your thoughts on your blog on October 15.

You may want to read this article to get your creative juices flowing and possibly pick up a useful tip or two that you can apply now in your efforts to help the environment.

BTW: Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts on behalf of the environment. Way to Go, Mr. Gore! I am so proud to have voted for him!

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