Friday, October 19, 2007


The pastor of a church in Tennessee has gained some notoriety for a campaign designed to attract community members to his marriage enrichment program. Check out this CNN report (you may have to watch a brief commercial before the report begins). What do you think? Was his pamphlet innovative or indecent?


Dave said...

“This is much ado about nothing” and the detractors “doeth complain too much.” Sensuality and sex is part of life. Unfortunately too many people wish to deny its existence. They do not wish to have their children hear or see the words like “sex”, “group bed” and “oral”. Functionally the man interviewed is one of those would rather have marriages disintegrate and have people out of balance than to have his children exposed to such words. In my opinion, the man needs to take a deep breath, exhale slowly and then get a life.

This was an excellent use of funds and in the long run would have a greater positive impact than putting the funds into traditional community projects. Such seminars and connection points are needed is not just for those who are outside the church. Unfortunately it is just as badly needed, possibly more so, by those who kicked up the firestorm.

Barbara said...

It certainly would grab the attention of all the husbands.

Catharine said...

I wonder how many people ended up coming! An interesting approach.