Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Unbelievable Environmental Destruction in Appalachian Mountains

I came across this article that someone posted on Blog Action Day. It depicts, in words, photos and video, a process of mining called Mountain Top Removal. If this keeps up, any of you who plan to take any vacations in the Smoky Mountains of Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina and Virginia better do it soon.

This practice absolutely sickens me. I grew up in Pennsylvania and am all too aware of how destructive coal mining can be. In the early and mid-20th century, vast expanses of the beautiful Pennsylvania mountains were destroyed by strip mining. Mountain Top Removal appears to be just as ugly a system with equally catastrophic results for human communities and fragile mountain ecosystems. I will be keeping track of this issue and letting my representatives in Congress know what I think. This sort of stuff has got to stop. Americans must start using our energy more wisely and investing more time and money in developing renewable energy sources.


Joanne said...

There is a mountain on the way to Banff where strip mining occurs. Each time I pass it, more and more of the mountain has been removed, leaving an ugly, barren landscape (not sure what the mining is).It saddens me each and every time I see it. I also wonder each and every time I see it what God must think of us as we destroy his creation.

Jenn said...

that is terrible!!! i'm sorry i missed blog action day :(

Barbara said...

This makes me ill and angry. When will we, as a human race, wake up and see what we are doing??