Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving Festivities

This past Thursday was Thanksgiving in the USA. Dave, Joshua and I drove up to Pennsylvania to spend the day with Mom and Paul. This was a special celebration because it was the first time in seven years that my sister, brother, mother and I have all been able to get together in one place. It was also nice because most of the kids, grandkids and great-grandkids were there. The only two people who didn't make it were Jonathan and Elaine. Jonathan was playing with the Fairfax corps band at their Thanksgiving dinner for the homeless. Elaine was home preparing to start their kettle campaign in Christian's absence. She graciously encouraged him to come to the family festivities. A big thank you to Elaine! We wish you could have been with us. The rest of us gathered from Maine, Connecticut, Kentucky and Virginia to meet in Pennsylvania. Thank heavens for GPS!

Naturally, since gatherings of this magnitude are rare events in my family, people had to pose for photos after dinner. We begin with a pic of Dennis, Erma, Tracy, Christian and his two kids, Samantha and James. Samantha is the one with the attitude.

Next up is Dotti's family: Dotti, Steve, Krista, her husband Adam and the newest member of the clan, Campbell. Adam, by the way, was the principal cook. He made a fabulous meal and is welcome to come to my house and cook anytime the mood to do so strikes him.

Next up is a photo of four generations of Olley women. My mother, Dorothy, my sister, Dotti (she detests her given name, Dorothy), my niece, Krista and my grand-niece, Campbell.

Moving right along, we have my mother with most of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren: Joshua and Tracy are holding up the sofa in the back, Samantha and Krista are seated to one side of Mom and Campbell, and Christian and James are on the other side.

Finally, we have the people who opened up their home, took us all in for a day, and fed us too! Mom and Paul.


Barbara said...

Great famioy photos. You know, whenever I see a picture of Christian, I can't get over how much Jonathon looks like him.

Evie said...

Yeah, Christian and Jonathan look like they could be brothers rather than cousins. They're both wearing my father's genes.

Jenn said...

i agree with you guys - they look very similar. it was like when uncle david posted a photo of christian a while ago and i could have sworn it was jonathan as a toddler

Dave said...

It was a lovely time. Pictures to remind one of the visit are such a blessing.