Monday, November 19, 2007

You're All Geniuses!

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This is highly amusing. Evidently, my blog content is so erudite, or perhaps it's merely that my vocabulary is so sophisticated, that only geniuses can comprehend the wisdom that is imparted herein. (BTW, Lady Book Notes got the same rating - at least I'm consistently profound, or should that read incomprehensible?)

If you want to find out what reading level your blog requires, click on the graphic link. LOL!


Jenn said...

ok - apparently i'm just a big idiot because i can't even get the graphic to work!!

Evie said...

Jenn - You're not an idiot. I've fixed the link.

Barbara said...

well, I'm afraid to check mine out, but there's no doubt that you really are one of the smartest people in the Sears family!