Monday, January 07, 2008

Wanted: One Birthday Cake & One Spellchecker

One Birthday Cake:
This is a busy time of year in our household. Jonathan turned 24 yesterday and David has a birthday (age undisclosed - you did not find it here!) today. We began celebrating both birthdays with a family lunch at the Outback Steak House yesterday afternoon. We will finish celebrating both birthdays by sharing a birthday cake this evening. Dave is excited because he will get to see a whole cake tonight. Usually, we start with a whole cake on Jonathan's birthday and finish the remainder on Dave's. My problem is figuring out how to put 76 candles on the cake!

One Spellchecker:


Dave said...

This reminds me of the Newfoundland cadet who was giving his witness in a large Corps in Toronto on a Sunday morning. In comparing his life before Christ he said it was like being in a dory (row boat) and pulling on one oar and then pulling on the other. The dory spins and makes little progress. In comparing his life post Christ he said “Now I pull both oars together and loving it all.” Like most of the people I was fighting to keep from laughing aloud. As with many Newfoundlanders he added and dropped “h”s. The “oar” came out “whore”.

Barbara said...

Happy birthday to both Joanathan and David. I wish I could have been there to share in some of that cake.

Jenn said...

76 candles? hope you have the fir department on standby!

Dave said...

Barb...I wish I could be there too to have more of the cake. The next morning I flew to Orlando.