Monday, April 14, 2008

Ex-Salvationist Speaks, Officers & Cadets Respond

I came across a fascinating post and comment thread in which a young man explains why he no longer attends The Salvation Army. The post and comments are worth reading. The writer's reasons, with detailed explanations, are:

  1. His personal Christian worldview has expanded beyond what he acquired in The Salvation Army
  2. The Salvation Army's legalism
  3. The Salvation Army's Non-Sacramental Position
  4. The Salvation Army's Arrogance

A week or so after posting his initial post, the writer wrote a second post in which he responds to the fact that officers and cadets at the USA Western Territory's Crestmont College for Officer Training were using his post as curricular material for a class in Emerging Trends in Salvation Army Ministry. That thread offers really interesting material too.

Read all of the posts ad comment threads and tell me what you think. I think there's some really good material for discussion here, especially in light of our recent examination of Primitive Salvationism.

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Evie said...

Stephen has posted his response to Ian's post here.