Thursday, April 10, 2008

I'm Ba-a-a-a-ck!

Goodness Gracious! I haven't blogged in two weeks! Dave has already shared some photos of our trip to the Grand Canyon, so I'll just add a few more here.

First, we see Dave sitting on a ledge located pretty close to the edge of a cliff that descends approximately 4,000 feet. Since I have a bit of acrophobia, I stayed well back from such edges.

Next is a view of Eagle Point, which is located in the V formed by the rocks. It supposedly looks like the outspread wings of an eagle. I guess I sorta see it, but I think maybe the effect is enhanced by consuming peyote.

To get some sense of the scale of the canyon, check out the helicopter inside the circle. The canyon descends another 4,000 feet below it (and the spot where I was standing - well back from the edge).

Finally, Dave sitting on another ledge. The brown ribbon way below is the Colorado River.


Jenn said...

am i correct in assuming he is wearing a hospital name preparation for the trip after the fall?

Evie said...

No. The band is the admission ticket to the skywalk, which is a sort of freaky experience. (After a 4,000 foot fall, the trip would be to the morgue, not the ER.)

The skywalk is encased in plexiglass. The middle third of the floor is also plexiglass, so one can look straight down into the canyon. It's a bit disorienting when one initially steps onto the walkway and looks down. I immediately went to the steel-bottomed edge and grabbed the handrail. Once I adjusted, I let go of the handrail, but I didn't spend much time looking straight down or walking in the middle of the walkway. Looking straight out was nice.

Catharine said...

You took amazing pictures - great views! Some day I will get there...

Barbara said...

these are great. These pictures remind me of a trip we all took when we were little and we went to a canyon. When I was standing close to the edge Stephen came up behind me, grabbed me and yelled :gotcha". I was startled. He got in a lot of trouble for that one.