Saturday, May 17, 2008

Stray Thought Saturday

I guess today's a good time to catch up on family news, such as it is. One piece of good news is that Dave's annual spring travels have pretty much concluded. He may have a few day trips here or there over the next few months, but the airlines won't be seeing him and his iPod for awhile. We're both glad about that. I think my car has memorized the routes to Dulles, Reagan and BWI airports.

Dave pointed out to me that I mentioned my promotion a few weeks ago, but didn't say what I'm doing. I'll correct that now: I am now the Human Resources Manager at work. The promotion came with a substantial raise in salary (very nice) and at a time when I've got to initiate and complete several major projects within the next three months (not quite so nice). So, I hire and fire people (hiring is much more enjoyable), track their attendance, process all sorts of paperwork for them: benefit enrollments, vacation requests, etc., make sure they take their online training sessions and so on. I'm enjoying it very much and am beginning to feel like I'm getting a handle on it. It took a few days to get the hang of the daily attendance report, which is distributed no later than 8:15 a.m.every morning. Any attendance events that occur after 8:15 a.m. are recorded on tomorrow's report because today is already a done deal - and I've only been at work for 1/2 hour! I must be getting the hang of it, because it's beginning to make a weird sort of sense to me.

Jonathan spent the first week of May at the Outer Banks with a Certain Young Lady and her family. They had a nice time, but the weather pooped out on them late in the week and they ended up coming home a day early. I don't know when he's going to take his second vacation week or where he's going to go. Generally, his life is rolling along a day at a time. No big news there yet, but keep checking with us :).

Joshua has about two weeks of school left before he flies to Texas. He's busy taking exams and packing these days. This weekend he's playing in the pit orchestra for the school musical, Into the Woods. Dave, Jonathan and I are going to see it tonight (Maggie will be out of town with some girl friends, so Jonathan is stuck with Mom and Dad). I've never seen this musical before. Joshua says the music is great but the story is a bit weird, as most of the characters die by the end. I asked, "If everybody dies, who sings the last song to let the audience know that the story's over?" He said, "Their spirits." 'Nuff said.

In lieu of singing to you, I'll just write this in plain English: this post is now over. The End.


Jenn said...

i would like lots of notice of any "special" occasions for planning purposes please

Barbara said...

Congrats on your new job. It sounds like it will be both challenging and rewarding. Enjoy the musical.

Catharine said...

Congrats on the promotion. I don't know if I could hire and fire spmeone. What was the first one like, if its happened already?