Friday, June 13, 2008

Northern Virginia Baseball Options

All right! Collegiate league baseball has come to Northern Virginia. Major League Hall of Famer Cal Ripken has started a new league in the MD-VA area. One of their teams is located just down the road from us in Alexandria. To top it all off, I have access, through work, to free tickets to any home games I want to attend. I can also get tickets for guests. Even if I couldn't get free tickets, the cost for an adult ticket is only $5.00. That's barely more than the price of a gallon of gas! I'm looking forward to getting out to the ballpark a few times this summer and checking out the action.

The Washington Nationals Major League team is nearby too and their grandstand tickets (nosebleed section - available only on game day) are also only $5.00. Joshua was hoping we'd get to a game before he left town for the summer. As it turned out, the weather sucked throughout the only weekend that would have been possible. We saw them a couple of years ago in old RFK Stadium and had an enjoyable time. They've got a new stadium this year, so maybe we'll take a trip out there one day and check them out again. The biggest drawback to that idea is that they are playing really poorly this year: last place NL East, with a 26-42 record.


Barbara said...

I'm not a big sports fan. Baseball is one of the few sports that I will actually sit and watch (on the odd occasion ... or during the world series) on TV. Sunday we are heading out to a Blue Jay's game to celebrate father's day.

Evie said...

Barb: That's a great Father's Day outing. You guys will have lots of fun.

Jenn said...

$5??? pretty good deal to me!