Monday, July 21, 2008

The Old Ballgame

If you've read Dave's Sunday night post, you already know that we went to an Alexandria Aces baseball game with Jonathan and Maggie. We had an enjoyable evening, but neither the Cal Ripken, Sr. League nor the Aces are worth getting excited about. The quality of play was uneven; some players were quite good, others were not quite so good. The bleachers were poorly designed and uncomfortable, and other amenities (such as food) were sorely lacking. We've been to high school events that were more polished than the Ripken league (that goes without saying for band events, but it applies to athletic ones too). Anyway, I took a couple of photos to commemorate the evening. First, I got Dave trying to suppress a smirk. His expression seems to be saying, "Just take the blasted picture, already!"

Next, we have the lovebirds. It took several attempts to get this one. They kept giggling and moving and making things difficult, but I persisted and had my way in the end.

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Barbara said...

Nice smirk! LOL! Looks like he's up to something.