Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday Smiles

I came across failblog today and thought I'd share a small sample of its stuff with you. Fair warning: this site is hilarious and possibly addictive; you could easily spend much of your Saturday browsing its many pages.

I don't think Matt and Spencer will be responding to any ads from this fine institution of higher education:

Are you excited by the possibility of visiting this family?

Maybe this explains why I can never find my parking brake:

Now I know why the vending machines at work keep spitting my money back at me:

I hope you weren't planning to eat here tonight:

This city offers the finest in telecommunications technology:

It looks like I won't be eating any Halloween candy this year.

Head over to failblog if you want to enjoy lots of laughs.


Josh said...

The Universidad de Moron only reminds me of the University of Bologna. I wonder what they teach there.

Dave said...

Thanks for the laugh

Barbara said...

hahahahahahaha! These are great.