Saturday, December 20, 2008


Michelle Duggar, of Tontitown, Arkansas, gave birth to her 18th child this past week! Eighteen! I can't imagine it. All that morning sickness, all those diapers, all those parent-teacher conferences, all those Little League Games and Scout meetings.... This is like a real-life version of Yours, Mine and Ours, except that all of these kids are, for Michelle and hubby, Jim Bob, Ours. By the way, all of the children's names begin with the letter "J." It just goes to show that our family pooped out on the J Generation names far too early.

Go check out their family web site and photo gallery. Their story is interesting, to say the least.


Dave said...

I cannot imagine a family with so many children....I cannot help admire their energy.

Barbara said...

I've watched their "reality" show a few times. I just don't get it! ...but they seem happay.

She homeschools them all too.

Jenn said...

with some of those names, i'm glad that we gave up on the "j" trend