Friday, January 30, 2009

Amazing Astronomy at AOL

Click on this link and scroll down to the Amazing Space Images photo gallery to see some stunning photos. This stuff gives me goosebumps. Words just don't capture the beauty, elegance and drama of the cosmos. Fortunately, there are some telescopes and spacecraft that are creating images that give us a small glimpse of what is "out there."

Here are a few sample photos to whet your appetite.

1. White Dwarf Nebula - the white spot more or less in the center is a dying star. What a way to go!

2. Orion Nebula - what a palette of colors!

3. Nebula Sin Nomine - If this one has a name, I don't know it. With twinkling stars like these, who needs a name anyway?

4. Eagle Nebula - Do you see the eagle? I do. It reminds me of the eagle rock formation we saw at the Grand Canyon last spring. Pretty cool stuff.

5. M13 Galaxy - Wouldn't you love to hang this on your Christmas tree next year?

6. Boomerang Nebula - No words needed.

I want to join Star Fleet when I grow up.


Dave said...

The pictures are gorgeous.

Josh said...

I don't see an eagle, but I do see a sitting dog towards the top of the 5th picture.

Barbara said...


Christian Camuti said...

The one that is "unamed"...Sine Nome could be derived from latin sine nomine...which is translated without a name.

I guess my 3 years of latin in HS finally paid off!

Catharine said...

Amazing pictures. AND we have only just begun to explore space. Oh the wonders that await to be discovered!