Tuesday, April 07, 2009

March Madness, Ally's Announcement, Miscellanea

As we usually do at this time of year, Dave and I have been watching the NCAA tournament. Tonight, Dave is out of town on business (what else is new?), so Joshua is watching the final game of this year's NCAA season with me: the women's championship game between the University of Connecticut and Louisville. We were hoping the underdog, Louisville, would pull an upset, but that doesn't look likely right now. With less than twelve minutes left in the game, UConn has a commanding lead of 22 points.

We watched last night as the men's team from the University of North Carolina humiliated the men from Michigan State University. Well, I think Joshua watched until the end. I went to bed when it was clear that MSU was not going to pull the upset.

In case you're wondering why Joshua is watching basketball games with me, rest assured that he has not been kicked out of school. He's home on spring break. He arrived late Sunday night and will fly out again this coming Sunday morning. In between those two events, he's hanging around the house. Later this week, he, Jonathan, Maggie, Dave and I will be going to Pennsylvania to see Mom and Paul. He'll be back at school for a little less than a month before he returns home to start his summer break.

Before I forget to mention it, Ally asked me to make an announcement. The announcement is not that she recently turned four months old (and will turn five months old on American Tax Day - April 15). No. Rather than announcing such mundane items about herself, Ally is ecstatically pleased to announce that Jonathan and Maggie have made their engagement official. They have not set a date for the wedding yet, but they are making some plans. In the meantime, Ally is making sure that they faithfully attend weekly obedience classes with her. She visited us last week and demonstrated her mastery of several commands. She also showed us how fast she can run and how well she chews her doggie treats. All in all, she's growing into a beautiful, healthy and friendly dog (except that she needs a little more practice at not chewing forbidden objects - no offense, Jenn, but I really don't want her to be like her cousin Charlie in that department).

Since I've covered all the items mentioned in the post title, I figure it's time to say goodnight. So - goodnight.


Jenn said...

LOL - no offence taken where charlie is concerned. but i swear there was a switch in his brain that was turned off around 9 months when he became the crazy amazing dog we know and love today! she's so adorable! i'm sure she looks just like her little cousin willow will look in a couple of months - no, not us, jason and alyson are getting a golden the middle of may. congrats to jonathan and maggie!!!!! so happy for them!!! i've also gone private. send me your email...and uncle david's too please.

Joanne said...

Congrats to Jonathon & Maggie!!! Now the "fun" begins of making plans.

Barbara said...

Great news Maggie! I'm so happy for you ... and Jonathan and Maggie too.

Catharine said...

Congrats to Jonathan and Maggie. Nice for Ally to have both parents together! Ally is adorable! :)