Sunday, May 10, 2009

Final Vacation Photos

I've finally looked at the last few photos I took on our trip downtown at the end of April. I'll share two of them with you now. Dave and I plan to go again early on a weekend morning, before the crowds arrive. We also want to go on some evenings and at night time to get some different photo opportunities.

First, a look at a small portion of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. This is a simple black wall engraved with the names of 58,260 American soldiers who were killed and missing in action in that conflict. This monument does not glorify war and war deaths. If anything, it shows in a striking manner the horrible waste of war. It takes a lot of wall - 246 feet, 9 inches, to be precise - to inscribe that many names.

Second, the statue of Abraham Lincoln that stands inside the Lincoln Memorial. I've posted exterior shots of this memorial in the past. For some reason, I hadn't taken any interior photos before.

I don't know when I'll get downtown for some more photos. I promise to keep you posted.

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Josh said...

Did you notice that his hands are shaped in the letters of A and L (his initials) in sign language?