Thursday, June 18, 2009

College World Series

I mentioned recently that I have little interest in Major League Baseball. Over the past few days, Dave and I have enjoyed watching the College World Series, which is being held in Omaha, Nebraska. We even stayed awake all the way through last night's 12-inning game between the Virginia Cavaliers and the Arkansas Razorbacks - the Cavs lost. :(

Unfortunately, my beloved University of Iowa Hawkeyes did not participate in the series this year.

Joshua's LSU Tigers have made a great showing and have won the two games they've played so far. If they beat Arkansas in tomorrow night's game, they will play in the championship game next week.

Dave doesn't know it yet, but I think a vacation to the College World Series may in our future.


Dave said...

The Hawkeyes were not invited to the regional dances. A trip to Omaha for two weeks is on my list of things to do, but I fear it will be later than sooner.

Barbara said...

I have a feeling that David won't complain about that vacation.