Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Chillin' with the Pup

Ally and I spent much of the evening together while Jonathan and Maggie got some supper and went grocery shopping for Ally's provisions. Her current favorite games seem to be "Chase" and "Keep-Away." They both begin the same way: she grabs a toy in her mouth, then saunters over to me to get my attention. After making eye contact with me, she either runs away ("Chase") or dodges this way and that ("Keep-Away") while I try to get the toy away from her. After we did that for awhile, I settled down in the recliner. She wandered over to the couch and looked longingly at the two fluffy pillows. I put one on the floor for her and she quickly settled in for a nap.

After we awoke from our naps, we played some more, then went for a walk. I knew she needed a walk because she went to the front door, barked softly a couple of times, and looked at her leash. We took a nice walk around our complex and arrived home at the same time as Maggie and Jonathan. She drank some water, ate some treats (including ice cubes - she's a Sears), and has now settled down by the door for another nap. It's tough to be a dog.


Barbara said...

she's not much of a puppy anymore!

Jenn said...

those are charlie's favourite games too :)...and what's the infamous line? sounds like she's got you well trained!! LOL!!!! what a pretty girl!

Dave said...

I love the picture

Joanne said...

Wow......I can't believe how big she's gotten. She's beautiful. Sounds like the "Sears Puppies" all like the same games.

Evie said...

She's pretty much full-grown now. She may fill out a bit, as she's still pretty lean, but she probably won't get much taller.

Yes, she has trained us very well.

She's very photogenic.

She's far more energetic than I am. Dave and I take turns playing with her and she still keeps going long after our batteries wear out.

Catharine said...

She's a beautful dog. I love her colouring. It sounds like she really enjoys her visits with grandma (?!).