Saturday, January 16, 2010

Coming Out of Hiding

I haven't actually been hiding for the past two weeks; I just haven't had much to say, as things are rolling along pretty smoothly here. Dave, Jonathan, Maggie and I went to see the Washington Wizards game tonight. The Wizards beat the Sacramento Kings, 96-86 in a game that the Wizards should have put away much earlier than they did (in the last minute of play). Both teams have losing records, so the quality of play was far from riveting, to put it kindly. Still, the company was good, so the evening was pleasant for all of us.

In other news, Dave and I are making plans for a trip to Italy in April. We've booked airline and train tickets, and hotel rooms. Now we have to figure out exactly what sights we want to see while we're there.

We'll spend the first couple of days in Venice.

From there, we'll travel by train to Rome, where we'll spend the remainder of our week.

If anything interesting happens before then, I'll keep you posted. Actually, I'll probably keep you posted even if nothing happens before then, so don't wait until April to check in again.


Barbara said...

I'm so envious!! That's going to be one amazing trip! I can't to hear all about it.

Catharine said...

Too cool. I would love to go to Italy. The Tuscany region looks amazing and Torino would be interesting, too. LUCKY1