Monday, June 27, 2011

Annapolis Vacation #1

Dave, Hypatia and I are on vacation near Annapolis, Maryland. We arrived here yesterday, after spending some time with Joshua and the Crossmen on Friday evening and Saturday. Hypatia had a great time with the Crossmen, as a good number of the corps members ate their meals with her. The cook, who was missing his Corgi, spent a good bit of time playing with Hypatia and sharing puppy training tips with me. Needless to say, Joshua was also tickled pink at meeting our new family member. He's wanted a dog, particularly a Beagle, for a long time. Now he's got his wish. He'll also get some of the chores that come with the granted wish!

Yesterday was a bit stressful for Hypatia, as she had to spend a fair bit of time in her crate while we traveled, bought groceries, checked into the campground, etc. Today was a much more relaxing day for all of us. These are some photos I took earlier today.

My guess is there will be more to come.


Barbara said...

Would you look at that face! She is sooooo cute!

Evie said...

@ Barb - She is very photogenic. Maybe you need a puppy too!

Dotti said...

Beagle pups have to be among the cutest little things going!