Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Corner Store Gig

A little over one week after our performance at Blues Alley, the Capital City Voices sang at a cool little place called The Corner Store. This is a little neighborhood home/arts venue that used to be, you guessed it, a corner store. Since I only had my iPhone with me, and I was busy singing (and eating and drinking), I only got a few shots of our performance.

The first photo shows our musical director, Peggy Stern, playing the piano and our executive director, Jeff Antoniuk, playing saxophone. There is a drummer behind Peggy who pitched in to give all of us some additional rhythmic accompaniment.

Here's another photo of Jeff really getting into his music.

 And here's a photo of the Chamber Choir (I'm in the Jazz Chorus) singing.

The two choirs sang independently for a few pieces each, and we also combined for a few numbers. We also gave the audience some opportunities to join in a Christmas-themed sing-along. Our hosts provided great refreshments throughout the evening in a fabulous rustic kitchen and dining room. This was a great venue for meeting people and enjoying music together. I hope we get to sing there again.

UPDATE: I've got a photo of me singing (courtesy of the CCV Facebook group). I'm the 4th person from the piano - gray pants, red shirt, Santa hat.

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Dotti said...

Looks like you're having a major good time with this group! Not bad for a gal who always proclaimed that she couldn't sing! :D