Wednesday, March 22, 2006


So, what’s it like living in "the most powerful city in the world?"

Well, except for when it gets too exciting (9/11; Anthrax Attacks; Hurricane Isabel; Sniper Stalkings), it’s pretty mundane – probably like most other major metropolitan areas in the USA. Nevertheless, there are many good things about living in Washington, DC.

For one thing, there is an incredible sense of history. There are statues, monuments and historical markers everywhere. Seriously! Dave and I were walking home from a neighborhood restaurant one night and we passed a Civil War marker in a motel parking lot!

Another cool thing is that many of the great museums are free of charge. You may have to pay through the nose for parking , but you won’t have to pay to get into the museums. Example: Air & Space Museum at Dulles - admission = free, parking = $12.

Another nice feature is the abundance of major league sports:

* NHL: Washington Capitals

* NFL: Washington Redskins

* MLB: Washington Nationals

* WNBA: Washington Mystics

* NBA: Washington Wizards

* MLS: DC United.

Moving on – if you like collegiate sports, we have Georgetown University, George Washington University, George Mason University, the University of Maryland (finally, someone whose name is not George), Howard University. . . . And a quarterfinal round (better known as the Sweet Sixteen) of the Men’s NCAA basketball tournament will be held right here this weekend! Moreover, two of the local schools – Georgetown and George Mason – are still in the tournament.

Continuing – if you like the arts, we have The Kennedy Center, The Washington National Opera, The President’s Own (Marine Band), Pershing’s Own (Army Band), the Navy Band (I guess they don’t belong to anybody, or maybe they belong to everybody), the National Symphony Orchestra, several great jazz clubs. . . . Another cool thing: throughout the summer the military bands give free outdoor concerts every week. It’s pretty nice to sit at the foot of the Washington Monument (or another well-known landmark) and listen to great music.

Finally – family members actually come to visit us now! We lived in Manitoba for seven years and almost nobody came to visit! Hats off to my mom, though, she came in December! We lived in Iowa for five years and almost nobody came to visit. Hats off to Mom again - she survived a tornado when she came! Since moving to Washington, however, we’ve seen siblings, nephews and nieces, and, of course, parents. I guess we’re finally living in a place that they figure is interesting. They do the tourist thing by day, then, at night, when they’re too tired to walk any more, they eat and sleep with us.

So, what’s it like living in “the most powerful city in the world?” Well, it's actually pretty good.

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Christian Camuti said...

I love living in Connecticut due to its close proximity to the capital of the world, New York City. While that is a distinction made by a New Yorker, former mayor Rudy Giuliani, it is a moniker that does seem fitting.

New York has much to offer as well, and $12 isn't too much for parking. That is what it costs at a Yankee game, and I thought that it was reasonable. Midtown parking that is another story! Take the train if you are going there!