Thursday, March 23, 2006

A Walking Tour of Washington DC

A couple of months ago I treated myself to a walking tour of Washington, DC. The tour began in the observation tower of the Old Post Office Building.

The OPOB has the second highest observation point in the city. The city has a law that no structure may be taller than the Washington Monument, so the OPOB is the best place within DC, except for the WM, from which to view the city. If one goes across the Potomac River there are several more nice places that overlook the city.

After descending from the tower, I wandered over to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

By this time I was getting hungry, so I met Dave at his office and we had a nice leisurely lunch. After lunch, I went back to the National Mall.

After walking around some more I realized that my feet were sore and blistered. I took one final look around and called it a day well-spent.


Barbara said...

I love these photos Evie. I wish it hadn't been raining while we were there so we could have taken some of these. Oh well, something to look forward to for next time, right?

Evie Sears said...

I hope you'll get to visit again soon - and I hope the weather is more agreeable. There's an awful lot more for you, John and the boys to see and do here.

Christian Camuti said...

I have only ever been inside the beltway once. It was 1997 we lived only a couple hours away in Altoona, PA, and made a day trip. We did a walking tour and did all of the free attractions. It was a fun time with the family.