Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Camping Report #2: Our Map

Dave and I got the idea for this blog from my nephew, Christian, who posted something similar a couple of months ago. I will give a brief report on the conclusion of our camping trip, then discuss the map.

If you read Sunday's post, you know that Jonathan and I returned home in the lull between two rainstorms on Sunday evening. Many areas of Fairfax County were without power going into Monday morning and several areas were damaged by severe winds. Meanwhile, back at the campground, Dave and Joshua were high and dry. They had to contend with the odd rain drop here and there, but it was no big deal.

After work yesterday, I returned to the campground. Dave, Joshua and I had steak cooked over the fire.

Jonathan had Domino's pizza back home (his leftovers are still in the fridge). Those of who were camping hung out by the fire for awhile, then retired for the evening.

This morning, we packed up and came home. The four of us will be watching the local fireworks show tonight. That will be the finale to July 4th weekend, 2006.

The map shown above is attached to the side of our camper. Generally speaking, it marks all places in Canada and the USA where members of our family have been. There are two rules for posting a state or province on the map.

1. This is unbreakable - at least two members of the family have to have been to a place together. So, even though I've been to the state of Washington, we can't add it to the map because I'm the only family member who has ever been there. Also, even though Dave and I have both been to Alberta, we've never been there together. Therefore, Alberta remains blank.

2. In addition to satisfying rule #1, we must have either stayed overnight or driven through a substantial portion of a state or province to post it. If we only drive through a tiny portion for just a few minutes, it doesn't go on the map.

One thing I find interesting about this map is that we have actually camped in either a tent, pop-up camper or current RV in the vast majority of places marked. Moreover, the boys have been with us for many of these trips.

Our next mission: find some ways to fill in those empty western areas. We want this entire map filled as soon as possible.


Barbara said...

that's impressive! I must say that our map would be no where close to being as filled up as yours.

Dave said...

We have both been to Montana at the same time, but given the size of the state, passing through a corner for 100 miles did not meet the test (100 miles through Delaware or Rhode Island would meet the test).

We will not be adding any new states or provinces this summer. Next year, Evie and I are considering flying to Arizona for a week, rent a car and make a circle that would take in New Mexico, and either Nevada or Utah.

We may even look at taking three weeks to drive west to Alberta, Idaho and Montana. That trip depends upon gas prices and most importantly, getting three weeks off at once. If we do not do it next year, it would have to wait until 2009 at the earliest.

Jenn said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, campfire steak.

Joanne said...

OK, so next year's trip will be to Alberta, right?