Sunday, July 02, 2006

Camping Report #1

Our camping weekend is almost over. It's Sunday night and Jonathan and I have returned home so that we can go to work tomorrow. Dave and Joshua are still at the campground. I will return to the campground in time for supper tomorrow night. Jonathan will stay home since he has to work until 6:30 PM.

Friday went well, once the boys and I managed to get out of town. Summer weekend traffic is horrific in this area and holiday weekend traffic is the worst! Those of you familiar with Toronto's cottage country traffic will have an idea of what it's like.

On Saturday morning, Jonathan woke up early and drove to Camp Happyland. He and most of the other members of the National Capital Band spent the day tutoring the music conservatory students. Dave, Joshua and I hung around the campsite throughout the morning. In the afternoon, Dave and I took Joshua to his marching band meeting and we spent a couple of hours at the Air & Space Museum extension at Dulles Airport. I will post some of those photos in the coming days and I'm sure Dave will too.

All four of us had supper together at the campground and spent the evening relaxing together.

This morning (Sunday) Joshua and Jonathan woke up early to head to the Fairfax corps. Dave and I did some sightseeing at the Manassas battlefield. Photos will follow, I'm sure. We all ate supper together at the campground. Unfortunately, Jonathan and I had to leave earlier than we had planned as we wanted to get home before a rainstorm hit. We managed to get home between a couple of storms that have hit the area. When we arrived in our parking lot there were tree limbs all over the place. It's quiet at the moment, but it was storming awhile ago. Fortunately, we were safe and dry inside the house. I'm sure Dave and Joshua are glad they have the RV rather than the pop-up trailer.

I hope the storms are all over by the time I go back to the campground tomorrow. If the weather is nice Tuesday, we're hoping to swim and enjoy the campground until mid-afternoon. Then we'll head back home in time for supper.


Jenn said...

sweet lazy boy camping chairs! where do i find me some of those?

Evie Sears said...

We got ours at Camping World. They are pretty comfy.

Christian Camuti said...

We just got back from driving around. While driving we stumbled upon a local campground and made reservations to tent camp tuesday and wednesday night. More info to follow!

Barbara said...

Hahahaha! David actually let Josh mess with the fire? Is he giving up the king of the fire throne?

We had a lot of storms up here this weekend too. Last night we sat in the trailer with the lights out and windows open watching a spectacular light show. I love thunderstorms at the trailer.

Dave said...

Barb...When I had Jonathan and Josh start the fire on Sunday it died. They are now assigned to fire starting and keeping until they get it right.