Wednesday, August 16, 2006

My First Film Photos

I got back my first film prints the other day. I definitely have to make some adjustments from shooting digital. I have to be really careful about composing my film photos correctly in the camera because I can't crop and fix them before printing. That's why I got the film camera - it will force me to get the photos right from the start and not rely on the software to fix them.

I have two more rolls to take in tomorrow and I think there will be more decent photos in that lot. I'm holding my breath on a few, but there are others I'm pretty sure I nailed. I looked more carefully at each shot before clicking the shutter button and I was more careful about matching the appropriate lens to the task. I never had to worry about that with my superzoom digital.

The butterfly photo is cropped pretty radically from the print. I only had my 28-90 kit lens, so I couldn't zoom in as close as I really needed to for this subject.

I had the 75-300 lens with me today, so I think I got some decent butterfly shots with that one. I'll know in a few days.

The flower is actually pretty close to the print - I just cropped this version into a square rather than the original 4x6. All this means is that I cropped out some dark background from the top. This was one of the best prints out of the entire lot.

I'm looking forward to getting my new rolls developed. Hopefully, I will see some improvement.

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Barbara said...

I love my 75-300 lens. I can usually get some great shots with it. It seems to be having some focusing problems, however, in the 300 range.